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Welcome to PSISCOREweb, a web-based client for the PSI confidence SCORing systEm.

PSISCORE is a new approach for confidence scoring of molecular interactions. It relies on standardized data formats and a decentralized client-server architecture, where multiple scoring servers can be used to assess various qualitative aspects of protein interactions. For detailled information on PSISCORE, all the source code and downloadable libraries, please have a look at our project website.

Please note that PSISCOREweb has been developed to show the potential of distribtued confidence scoring. Our current server infrastructure does not allow us to offer scoring of enormous quantities of data, for instance, complete interactomes. If that is what you want, we recommend that you use the client libraries available from our project website.


Score your data!

1) Upload data
Upload the interaction data you want to score in the form of a valid PSI-MI file.
2) Select scoring methods
Select the scoring methods you want to run on your data. Click on the question mark to retrieve more information on a scroing method from the PSISCORE Registry.

3) Start scoring
Press the start button to send your file to all scoring servers. You can check the status of your job by pressing the update button.
4) Download results
Download your PSI-MI file with the added confidence scores by pressing the button to the right.